Happy New Year!

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What a year! So much has happened the last 12 months that I don’t even know where to start. If I ever write a book about my life, this year will make up the best chapter so far. At the beginning of 2016, I never could have guessed that I would have been through so much only a year later.

I’ll have to say, the first few months of the weren’t all that interesting. I started the year with a training period, but got really sick right in the middle of it. So it was like I had to start it all over again when I got better. But I got a good training period after all, and that would pay off a few months later. I also didn’t travel to any tournaments the first few months. I didn’t play any international tournaments until the end of April, but since then it feels like the year has been one long tennnis season, packed with a lot of matches and good practice. I’ve been to 14 different countries since then.

I’ve played the French Tennis League for the first time this year, for my club Quimperlé. That was a very different but fun experience and I’m looking forward to going back there again this year. I’ve gotten 7 ATP Points in singles, my first ATP Point in doubles and reached my first quarterfinal in a Future tournament. I’ve climbed almost 900 places in the world rankings and reached my highest national ranking so far. Still, I’m not 100% happy with 2016, I shouldn’t be. I have played good matches as well as bad ones. I think my tennis has improved a lot this year, but there’s still so much work to be done. I just feel like I can do so much better, and that’s what I’m going to do in 2017.

The biggest change in my life during 2016 is of course me moving to Spain. It’s me going on the road in a minivan, sleeping in the back of a car on a bed that’s only 60 cm wide. That’s my reality right now and I fucking love it! It takes a lot to leave everything behind that feels comfortable and safe. But playing it safe is not gonna get me anywhere. It’s probably the biggest decision I have made in my life, and the best one too. But we this decision comes new challenges as well, stuff you need to be able to handle to get stronger. I’ve had all my belongings stolen and broken my toe, both in just a few days time. I’ve lost money and I’ve lost matches, but in the ends that’s not what’s most important. Some things can never be stolen. I’ve met so many new friends from all over the world this year, but I have lost friends as well. But the people who matter the most to me have stayed by my side no matter what, and that’s why they’re so important to me.

To summarize the year, it’s been a year filled with both ups and downs. But what the hell, maybe it’s my best year so far. I have so much to look forward to in 2017 and hopefully a few surprises heading my way. I have so much work to do both on the court and off it, I can’t wait to get started. I better stop writing and get down to it. 2017, BRING IT ON!

Long time no see

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It’s been a long time since my last post, about one and a half months. A lot has happened the last few weeks, and posting on my website has not been my top priority to say the least. I’m not going to go into too much detail on everything that’s happened, since that’s going to make this post way too long. But I will tell you this, alhough the whole situation might not have been that much fun at the time, it’s going to be a hell of a story to tell in a few years.

Let’s start from where I left off, in Bol. I lost in the final round of qualies and in the quarterfinal in doubles in my last tournament in Bol. I also managed to get really sick during that last week. Due to the bad weather, it got really cold and wet from sleeping in the car and I think that was a reason my cold got so bad. Both me and Thomas felt like we’d had enough of Bol anyway, and we decided to play in Madrid the following week. That meant we had a really long drive ahead of us, about 2520 km… We left Bol that Sunday afternoon and reached Madrid on Tuesday afternoon, driving through 6 countries along the way. It’s safe to say that the body felt kind of slow after that long trip. But I was scheduled to play first round in Madrid the following so I just had to recharge my batteries as fast as possible and prepare for the next tournament. I played a guy from Russia in the first round and won 6-4 6-1. Next up was the number five seed from Spain. This match was really something out of the ordinary, not in terms of tennis, but in terms of what happened outside the court. I’m probably going to go into more detail on this match in another post, so I’m not gonna dwell on it too long. But let’s just say this, it’s tough mentally if you’re playing a spanish player in Spain. Especially if the referee and the chair umpire are from Spain too, you’ll have a LOT of calls against you. Either way, I was playing a pretty good match against a pretty good player. I had my chances, especially with two set points in the second set, but lost the match 3-6 6-7.

After Madrid, I decided to go for two more tournaments before starting my training period in Benidorm. So after a few days of practice in Madrid with a new friend from Poland, our next destination was Antalya. They have a great setup in Turkey with a lot of tournaments every year, and the tournament site is the same every week so you don’t have to travel anywhere between the tournaments. The opportunities are good for practice between the tournaments as well since most players stay at the site if they’re playing again the following week. I started off pretty well in the first tournament with a solid 6-2 6-1 win against a guy ranked about 700, a bit higher than me. The second round was tougher and I lost that match 2-6 1-6 against the guy who ended up winning the whole tournament. The second week started off pretty bad with me falling in the stairs, hitting my big toe at one of the steps. It hurt like hell, but I figured it would be better in a few days. A few days passed, but I couldn’t even walk like normal when I was supposed to play the first round in the second tournament. Today, I’m thinking that it might not have been a good idea to play… But a lot of ice and painkillers convinced me otherwise at the time. So I stepped on court and managed to win the match, luckily my opponent was a bit injured too and retired after one set. I played doubles that week as well, so I decided to play another match the same day. It was not a pretty sight, but we managed to win the doubles 2-6 6-3 [10-7]. My toe got even worse after playing those two matches, so I knew my two matches that Thursday would be tough. I started the singles but retired after the first set, there was no point hurting my toe even more when I couldn’t move anyway. I started the doubles too but retired after just a few games, it was impossible to play. That was a very frustrating end to an otherwise very good trip. I got some good matches, good practice, met a lot of old friends and made a lot of new ones.

After that last tournament in Turkey, both me and Thomas felt like it was time to have period of training, we’d been travelling all over Europe for the last two months and needed to get a break. Although this time everything was a bit different because usually we go back to Sweden during our training periods, but this time we were going to Spain and our new hometown, Benidorm. Because of my toe, the training period got off to a rough start. When we got to Benidorm, the first thing we did was to go to the hospital to check my toe. I was hoping for the best but it turned out my toe was broken. That meant I couldn’t play tennis for at least 3 weeks. In the last 12 years or so, I’ve never been without tennis for that long. So as you can understand, this was really bad news for me, but you just have to accept it. However, when we got out from the hospital, another surprise was waiting for us. Someone had smashed the side window of our car and stolen everything we had. And remember that we just came from Turkey and hadn’t even unpacked. On top of that we hadn’t gotten our apartment yet, so all our stuff was inside the car. So when I’m saying that they stole everything, I literally mean everything we own. After freaking out and panicking a bit, I just had to get down to business. It’s been a lot of work fixing everything the last few weeks. Fixing the broken window, going to the embassy in Madrid, talking to the Insurance Company and getting new stuff. All this hit me pretty hard at first. But at the end of the day, what they stole was just our stuff. It could have been worse, and there are things in life that’s more important.

After everything that’s happened, I feel like I’m back on track again. We’re staying in a good apartment in the city of Albir, just outside Benidorm. I’ve found a good gym i Albir where me and Thomas have been working really hard two times a day for the last couple of weeks. So I’ve gotten a good training period after all. The toe is getting better as well and I’ve been able to play tennis again the last few days, that feels great! Although we got off to a bad start, life in Spain is not that bad after all. I mean if you got 20 degrees every day, a great tennis club and an amazing beach just 5 minutes away, you can’t really complain right?!

Sunday Summary, Solin/Bol

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It’s time for another Sunday Summary!

This week started with two days of practice in Solin, preparing for the tournament there. I got a tough draw and played the highest ranked player in the tournament in the first round. I had played good the days before this tournament, but I played really bad on my singles match on Wednesday an lost 6-1 6-2. A strange match since I had been playing so good the days before the tournament. I played two matches on Wednesday, the second match was doubles with Grega Boh from Slovenia. I had never met him before, but we decided to give it a shot in doubles together. We played two good players from Slovenia, ranked higher than us. But we got a good start and won the first set 6-4. We made more mistakes in second set and lost it 2-6. The match was deciced by a match tiebreak to 10, which we lost 9-11. Even though we lost it was good for me to get Another match after my singles match earlier that day.

The tournament in Solin was not much of a success, but you got to be able to put the bad matches behind you and focus on what’s important. So on Thursday morning, me and Thomas took the car with us on the ferry to the island Brac. The ferry stopped in Supetar, about half an hour drive from Bol. We had to drive up the mountains on our way to Bol, that was really cool. I’m not really a fan of hights, but I have to say that the view from up there was absolutely amazing! The tennis club is also really nice with 22 clay courts and a big club house. There are a lot of people here this week since they have tournaments for both men and women, but also a tournament for Seniors. So they use all 22 courts every day for all the matches.

The tournament this week in Bol is a bit tougher than last week in Solin, so this week I had to qualify for the tournament. Sign-in was on Friday and the tournament started on Saturday for me. In the first round I played a guy from Germany and won 6-2 6-2. Not a very good match, but it felt nice to win again. The most interesting about this match was my opponent. He was probably one of the weirdest tennisplayers I have ever met, and there are a LOT of weird tennisplayers. Words cannot describe how weird he was, you had see it for yourself. But a hint is that he got so distracted by chasing a lizard that he forgot to swipe the court after the match. And no, he’s not 5 years old, he’s over 20…

Today I played the second round in the qualifying against a guy from Croatia. He’s a good player with a few ATP-Points, and not at all an easy match. I started off good, winning the first set 6-2. I played good in the beginning of the second set, but the margins are small in tennis. I played a Little bit less aggresive for a few games so he managed to get back into the match, and I lost the second set 5-7. I felt like it the beginning of the third set would be very important for the match, so I started off more aggresive in the third set a got off to a great start. I lost the first game in the third, but won 6 straight games after that, closing the set 6-1. Overall it was a pretty good match, but I have some things that I have to do better in the next match.

Even though I got off to a bad start this week, I finished the week strong. Right now I’m at the tennisclub, waiting for Thomas who’s running as usual. After some dinner and a good night’s sleep in the car I’ll be ready for the next round at 10.00 tomorrow morning!

Sunday Summary

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To this point, I haven’t been as active on this website as I could have been. That’s why I think it’s a good idea for me to do a quick summary of the week every Sunday, starting today!

Right now I’m at the tennisclub in Solin, Croatia. But this week started in Ukraine. The thing is that I forgot to withdraw from a tournament in Cherkassy, Ukraine, and with my ranking I got accepted directly into Main Draw. I was not planning on playing it at first, but since I got into Main Draw I decided to play anyway! So me and Thomas went driving from Sweden in our Tour Bus to Brussels where I catched a flight and Thomas continued on to run a couple of Marathons i Germany. So last Saturday I flew from Brussels to Kiev, and then got a transport from Kiev Airport to Cherkassy. I’ve never been to Ukraine before, and I will probably never go there again. The country looked more or less like a wasteland, taken directly from an episode of the tv series ”The Walking Dead”. The only thing missing was the zombies! But the hotel was okay and the food was cheap, so I won’t complain.

I started the tournament on Monday against Leon Schutt from Germany. He was seeded number 7 and ranked higher than me. I played better but lost a tough match 6-7 6-3 2-6. It turns out he went on to reach the final in that tournament, so with that being said it was a tough first round. On Tuesday I catched a flight from Kiev to Vienna, where I was meeting up with my coach Thomas who was running a couple of marathons in Germany during the weekend. He picked me up in Vienna and we started driving towards Solin. We took our time, stopping a few times along the way. But 700km later, on Wednesday afternoon, we reached Solin.

Solin is a small town just outside Split, just 5-10 minutes by car. Split is a nice city filled with tourists and great places to eat, so that’s where we usually go to eat or maybe hang out at the beach when we have some time to kill during the day. They have a nice tennisclub here in Solin with 6 clay courts and an amazing view over the mountains. And the sun is shining bright every day which makes almost everything a little bit easier, especially when you’re living in a car!  There are great possiblities for practice during the days even though the qualifying has already started. The first few days I was mostly playing with Thomas since we had a few things we had to work on before the tournament started. But the last two days I’ve been playing with other guys from Argentina, Bosnia and Netherlands. I haven’t been playing so good the last few weeks, some things haven’t really worked out the way I wanted them to, and it’s easy to get stressed out by that. But I have to say, I’m feeling better now than in a long time, so I’m really looking forward to the next tournament here in Solin! First match for me is on Tuesday.

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Summer 2016

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The summer is almost over, at least the Swedish summer. Usually I would soon start the preperation for the indoor season, but my clay season will go on for another two months or so. Right now I’m preparing for my second trip to Belgium this year with my coach Thomas. There’s still two more weeks until my next tournament starts, and I need these two weeks of preparation.

It feels like this summer has been one big tennis tour. I started off the clay season in May with three Futures in Sweden, followed by two weeks in France playing the French League. I was starting to feels the results from my long training period in the beginning of the year. When I got back from France, me and my coach went to Spain for a few days of practice before my next tournament in Belgium. Instead of flying there (like normal people) we drove from Norrtälje to Brussels Airport. Parked the car at the airport and slept in the car, just to take a flight from Brussels to Alicanté the next morning. Good thing we’re not like normal people! Still, we got a few great days in Alicanté and good preparation for my next tournaments in Belgium.

I played three weeks in Belgium and stayed there for three weeks. I played okay in the first one in Havré, I qualified but lost the first round in main draw in three sets. But the second tournament in Nieuwpoort would be a big improvement. The tournament started really bad, in the final round of qualies my shoulder popped in the end of the first set. I managed to still win the set 7-6 before it started to rain. After the delay, my shoulder was really bad. I lost the second set 6-1 not being able to serve. After some treatment from the fysio, I was able to at least hit second serves and I won the third set 6-3. I would only be able to hit second serves for many weeks after that. But instead, the rest of my game improved a lot. I won the first round in main draw and lost to the number one seed 7-5 7-6 in the second, even though I had two set points in the second set. The following week in De Haan I qualified for main draw again, losing only 6 games in two matches. I beat a guy ranked 700 in the first round of main draw and followed that by beating a guy ranked 480 to reach my first ITF quarterfinal. Even though I feel like I can do even better, this trip was a big step forward.

Maybe I should have rested a bit longer after my trip to Belgium, it’s hard to tell. Sometimes you don’t really feel those small differences that makes you a little bit slower, just a little bit less explosive on the court. That can happen if you don’t rest enough. If you keep training hard at that point, you will break down your body. I’m an expert at that last part, so maybe that’s what happened after Belgium. Small differences like that can make a huge difference even at this level. I played two national tournments that resulted in one semifinal and one final. After that I went to Finland for two weeks to play two Futures. The results were not at all what I had hoped for, with two tough losses against the same player in both tournaments.

So here I am, preparing for my next tournament. I’m feeling strong, and I’m really starting to find my game again after a few tough weeks. It feels great that a lot of changes are about to happen in my life. Necessary changes that hopefully will me to next level, and it will definetly be a great experience for me. I will no longer play for Bålsta Tennisklubb, the club I’ve been playing for the last six years. Big changes are waiting around the corner…



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After two weeks in France I’m finally back home in Sweden again. It’s been a fun trip and a great experience for me. This was my first time in France, and my first time playing the French League so I didn’t really know what to expect. I had never met any of the players or the coaches before going to France, so it was something completly new to me. But they turned out to be a great team, both on and off the court. I’ve been having a lot of fun with them during the past two weeks.

I was playing for Quimperlé Tennis Club, a small club in the north of France. We always play our matches on sundays, so during the weeks I’ve been praticing in Quimperlé with the team. It’s actually a great club for such a small town, with a great team in National Division 1 indoors. So I’ve been practicing a lot and I’ve also been playing better and better. This was also a good experience for me because their traditions was a lot different from what I’m used to at home. However, I could be in the same situation during some tournament in the future so it’s good to learn how to adapt to different conditions.

  • I played three team matches for Quimperlé, and we won all of them. First we played against Puiseaux and started great with an easy 5-1 win. I won my singles match in three sets, 6-3, 6-7, 6-2, despite not playing very well. In doubles I played with Evan Furness, one of the best juniors in France. We had no problem winning our doubles match, an easy win 6-3, 6-1. Good start of my trip!
  • Next match was against Audincourt at home in Quimperlé. I played better this time and won my singles match 7-5 6-4. But we lost our doubles match, despite having 5(!) match points. However, Quimperlé still won the match 4-2. I really liked the atmosphere and the supporters in Quimperlé, it was so much fun playing there. Around 60 people all cheering ”Jeppe! Jeppe! Jeppe!”, that was really cool. My favourite supporter was one of the guys who had brought a trumpet, he got my opponent really pissed off!
  • We played the last match yesterday against Argenteuil, a very important match for us because it would decide if we would win the National D4 or not. It started off great with me winning my singles match 6-1 6-1 in just 50 minutes against one of their best players. After the 4 singles matches were finished we had a comfortable 3-1 lead. We finished strong by winning the two doubles matches, with me and Evan winning our match 6-1 6-2. A great finish to two great weeks in France! Hopefully I will join the team again next year for National Division 3.

So, what’s next? I’ve only been home for one day during the last 5 and a half weeks, so it feels great to be home for a while. But I won’t be for long! On Saturday I’m leaving for Spain where I’m going to practice for a few days. After that, I’m going to Belgium to play a couple of ITF tournaments. So I have a lot of good things ahead of me!


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