Sunday Summary, Solin/Bol

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It’s time for another Sunday Summary!

This week started with two days of practice in Solin, preparing for the tournament there. I got a tough draw and played the highest ranked player in the tournament in the first round. I had played good the days before this tournament, but I played really bad on my singles match on Wednesday an lost 6-1 6-2. A strange match since I had been playing so good the days before the tournament. I played two matches on Wednesday, the second match was doubles with Grega Boh from Slovenia. I had never met him before, but we decided to give it a shot in doubles together. We played two good players from Slovenia, ranked higher than us. But we got a good start and won the first set 6-4. We made more mistakes in second set and lost it 2-6. The match was deciced by a match tiebreak to 10, which we lost 9-11. Even though we lost it was good for me to get Another match after my singles match earlier that day.

The tournament in Solin was not much of a success, but you got to be able to put the bad matches behind you and focus on what’s important. So on Thursday morning, me and Thomas took the car with us on the ferry to the island Brac. The ferry stopped in Supetar, about half an hour drive from Bol. We had to drive up the mountains on our way to Bol, that was really cool. I’m not really a fan of hights, but I have to say that the view from up there was absolutely amazing! The tennis club is also really nice with 22 clay courts and a big club house. There are a lot of people here this week since they have tournaments for both men and women, but also a tournament for Seniors. So they use all 22 courts every day for all the matches.

The tournament this week in Bol is a bit tougher than last week in Solin, so this week I had to qualify for the tournament. Sign-in was on Friday and the tournament started on Saturday for me. In the first round I played a guy from Germany and won 6-2 6-2. Not a very good match, but it felt nice to win again. The most interesting about this match was my opponent. He was probably one of the weirdest tennisplayers I have ever met, and there are a LOT of weird tennisplayers. Words cannot describe how weird he was, you had see it for yourself. But a hint is that he got so distracted by chasing a lizard that he forgot to swipe the court after the match. And no, he’s not 5 years old, he’s over 20…

Today I played the second round in the qualifying against a guy from Croatia. He’s a good player with a few ATP-Points, and not at all an easy match. I started off good, winning the first set 6-2. I played good in the beginning of the second set, but the margins are small in tennis. I played a Little bit less aggresive for a few games so he managed to get back into the match, and I lost the second set 5-7. I felt like it the beginning of the third set would be very important for the match, so I started off more aggresive in the third set a got off to a great start. I lost the first game in the third, but won 6 straight games after that, closing the set 6-1. Overall it was a pretty good match, but I have some things that I have to do better in the next match.

Even though I got off to a bad start this week, I finished the week strong. Right now I’m at the tennisclub, waiting for Thomas who’s running as usual. After some dinner and a good night’s sleep in the car I’ll be ready for the next round at 10.00 tomorrow morning!